Story note: I wrote and illustrated this story at the unexpected intersection of COVID-19 and the feasts of Passover and Easter. I was inspired by the gospel accounts of an empty tomb marking the Resurrection, by St. Mary Magdalene not seeing what she came looking for in the Gospel according to John, by a second coming hidden away in the resurrection appearances of Jesus to his disciples, and by a rabbinic story about forgetting and sufficiency in The Poetry of Kabbalah, translated by Peter Cole, Yale University Press, 2012, 241. LFB

4 thoughts on “a story at the intersection of Eastertide and COVID-19

  1. Lauren, the depth and reach of your gift staggers me …… thank you, from Christ & St. Luke’s in Norfolk.

  2. Lauren, this book is so sweet and steeped with tradition and hope. Your beautiful prose and illustration gently tells the story of family, friendship, and faith; as well as gently describing a time of separation powerfully with your beautiful use of colour, and nature, bringing the story full circle. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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